VIDEO | Captan hermoso momento entre una orangutana y una madre que amantaba a su bebé

La situación se vivió el fin de semana pasado en el zoológico de Viena, Austria, cuando una madre se detuvo frente al lugar donde se encontraban los orangutanes para poder amamantar a su hijo. Fue pronto que una primate se acercó a ella y la observó con ternura cómo alimentaba al bebé. Desde el zoo se informó que Sol, la orangutana, había dado a luz hace poco tiempo a una cría que había nacido muerta.


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After the reaction I've had to this video of me and my son feeding with the support and protection of Sol, the female orangutan in Schonbrünn Zoo, Vienna. I have decided to use this opportunity to try to make a difference. 🧡 🌏 The post and video have reached over 5million people in countries across the globe. This made me think that if I'd managed to raise just $1 per view or share I'd of raised over $5million dollars to help support and protect these animals the way Sol protected me whilst I fed my little boy. 🌏 🧡 I've contacted an orangutan rescue, rehabilitation and release programme in Borneo and I am currently awaiting a response to see how to go about raising funds to help them with their project. . I feel that during my life time the only choices I've had are captivity or extinction… neither of which I like so I'm hoping that now I've been given a platform such as this I can make a difference for my little boy and others of his generation. To hopefully put a stop to the destruction of the forests and the sheer horror of poaching so that the next generations choices include the freedom of these majestic animals. 💕 . . For licensing or usage, contact #spirituallybonded #breastfeeding #boobiebaby #orangutans #🧡 #schönbrunnzoo #vienna #austria #breastfeedinginpublic #mumandbaby #ourjourney #specialmoments #bestdayever #letsdosomegood #makeachange #giveback #freedomforall #rescue #rehabilitation #release #raisingawareness #endextinction #changetheworld

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